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Duration: 3.5h
Difficulty: Medium

We start the excursion from Orient. We take the road, which takes us to Alaró. Approx. 200m, there is a path with an iron gate in front of a water pond. We take it, it takes us to a field of cherry trees and apple trees, and after this we will be entering a wood of holm oaks. We follow this path, we go the way up and we always walk to the southeast. On our way up we may see Son Palou on our right hand side. Then we get to Pas d´Estalo. This path is made of stone (dynamite was used to build it). As soon as we pass this path we take another path on our left hand side. We follow this path; it is indicated by piles of stones. After 25-30min walking, we have to cross a thick wall made of stones (marge). We have to follow the path which turns a bit to the right. From this point the path is easy to follow, there is no way we can get lost.

After approx. 40min from the start, we leave the holm oaks wood and we start walking into an olive grove and all of the sudden we leave the woods and we see wonderful views of Palma. We find an old abandoned building. The path here is made of cement. There is a small fountain on our left hand side, we follow the path and after a while we have to be aware that there is at 90º on the right a small soil path.

There is no way to get lost, we just follow this path and we find a small fence, we open it and we continue, we should always leave it closed behind.

We keep going down and we find the “Manantial de la Bastida” (a natural spring). It is National Heritage. And at the bottom, nearly finishing, on our way down, we see a water bottler, we cross it and we keep going straight. If the bottler is closed we can border it and we can continue. After the bottler the path has pavement. Then we get to the high side of Alaró.

Once we are at the village, we turn the first street on the left and we get to a square. we will find indications to get back to Orient through “El pas de S´Escaleta”.

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