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Serra d´Alfabia

Duration: 5 hours
Difficulty: Difficult
Recommendations: Use GPS

We leave Son Palou and we drive to Bunyola 2km approx., there is on our left hand side a Finca called Son Perot. After this Finca, we keep driving approx 200m.

The road turns to the left with an angle of 90º, we take a small path on the right (time: 20min from the start) A

On the way up we will see holm oaks. Following this path we will find a thick wall of stones (marge) (13min from A) (B) which is half ruined. We stay on this path. After a while, a wider path comes across. We ignore it and we keep going. The path is in a wood of holm oaks and autochthonous vegetation. The way up is not hard but it can make us feel a bit tired. After 10min from the crossing path, we may notice that the path ends on an esplanade. But if we take a closer look we will see that the path continues straight down or turning into the right it becomes a path for trucks. We take it. The way up is a bit harder. On the way to the woods, the holm oaks turn into pine trees. The views of the valley start to be spectacular; it gives us a panoramic view of Bunyola from the mountains, which surround Orient´s valley.

We walk on this way for 15-20min, depending on how fast we walk. We have to pay attention because there is a point where the path is a bit flatter; there is a small path, which we have to take. It is not very well indicated, but once we take it, it is easy to follow. The way up is hard, there are some hard slopes but there are also esplanades where we can rest. The views are spectacular. We may see Palma and Campos.

On the way up we get closer to the TV aerials. When the path ends, we keep walking on the rocks, our references are the aerials. When we get to an esplanade where we see the aerials, we may also see on our right hand side a wide road, it is wide enough for a four wheels truck. We take this road and we take no notice of a sign which forbids us to continue. We continue on this road that becomes a path, we cross the mountain range. We are now in Soller. We have a spectacular perspective of Soller´s Port and the Northern East coast of Mallorca. We follow this path until we reach the “Puig de la Sierra de Alfabia” (there is a metallic post that indicates it). At this point we are back to Orient. This is where, approx. 20min, starts the most difficult bit, the reason is that there are some parts of the way that are not indicated. My advice would be walk always on the highest points.

As we continue we will find the indicated point of Penyal de S´Anyel (1053€) we should see on our left hand side an esplanade called “Pla d´es Jous”. We have to go there, because at the end of this point there is a path on the left which takes us on the way down to Orient. This point is unmistakable because it has a natural pond (it might be dry in summer) and a nearly demolished building. There is only the side walls left (half of the walls only). Near this building we will see on the right the path of (Paso coll de Jous). Once we take the way down there is no way we could get lost.

We may find some paths, we should never leave ours and we keep going on our way down to the right.

As we go down we will find shelters for hunters. The first one is a well-kept wooden house. At this point it seems that the way is divided in two but we always follow the path that goes down to the right. We keep walking down until the Holm oaks woods turn into an olive grove.

We finish walking down and we may see now Finca Son Palou. We may find metallic gates on this last bit, always leave them just as you found them.

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